Friday, December 16, 2011

Outing with darlings ♡

It's been awhile my beloved baby Yoona, my sister Hyunyee and I spent time together only for 3 of us. We met this Wednesday 14th of December for some chilling session and catching up. We had a lot of talk and we've planned for our Christmas party! Hope everything will go smooth and have fun together. My sister and Wonji are leaving to Aussie on 2013, so basically I have one more year to spend with them, and my best friend Yoona is going to Nottingham which is so far from me. But I'm so glad that at least we're both in Malaysia. Happy that she got in there yet so sad! But I'm gonna wish her luck and cheer her up when she needs me by her side no matter what she does and decides. I'm a big supporter baby, love you muah!

Cheese Macaronis that I've been craving for 2 weeks. Finally! ♡

Afternoon tea time w/ loves. ♡

With my forever love. I love you boo! ♡ 

Well, I guess that's all for this short post, and I'll be back soon! Loves. ♡

First post!?

Hello! I'm back on my blog after so long and I even deleted all of my posts. I'm starting a brand new blog! Well, I might abandon my blog again, but I'll try my best to keep it fresh. Teehee, how my holiday has been treating me so far? Well, I won't say it's treating me bad. I just get to have some time to think about my future and studies, I'd say 'worry' than a 'think.' Lol, anyway my mind is pretty clear right now after so much stress I've got during finals. Finally I'm relieving I'd say? I've been catching up some dramas, good times with family and my long lost friends. I kinda wanted to go back to Korea but I don't really like cold weather, so I've decided to stay and go back during the summer vacation. I'm already excited by the way, and thinking what am I gonna do. Everything is gonna be new to me since I haven't gone back to my country for 4 years plus. Hoooray! But I'm having so much fun in my lovely city Kuala Lumpur too, oh boy! I'm absolutely in love with KL for 4 years, and this is such an addiction. I just love staying in KL with my Korean, Chinese, Malay friends. I have no idea how am I suppose to live without them and without being in this city. Guess I'm gonna be here forever? ONLY if I get a husband here, jks jks lol. One bad thing that my holiday is treating me bad is that I sleep late. Almost every single day, I go to bed around 6am? That's too much, my insomnia is killing the shit outta me! This is a serious problem that I should change. Oh wells, it's now 1:22am. And I have to wake up early tomorrow, oh gosh. I think I should go to bed soon, and have a good dream! Night people xoxo! ;)